When your business receives a lot of checks payments from your customers, sooner or later you will find one of them is bounced or NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) or bounced check. Bank will charge you quite steep for a NSF check and you have to inform your customers to reissue another check, plus charging them for the NSF check.

In order to straighten your records in QuickBooks, you have to do the following steps:

  1. Record the NSF charge from the bank in your checking account by going to Banking > Use Register, a “Use Register” window will pop up.
    Select your appropriate checking account in the “Select account” line.
    Below is the example of $25, - NSF charge by using “Bank Charge” as Other Name type and expense it in “Bank Service Charge” expense account.

    QB NSF Check 1

  2. Create a new Item of “Other Charge” type as a way to remove the NSF check amount from your checking account. You will be using this item in Step 4. 
    You can name this new Item Bounced Check, NSF Check, or other names you prefer.  Ensure you pick a non-taxable Tax Code.
    Select your checking account in the “Account” line. If you have more than 1(one) checking account, make sure you select the checking account where the check bounced.

    QB NSF Check 2

  3. Create another new Item of “Other Charge” Item to capture a bounced check charge levied by your bank, so that you can pass it on to your customer by using it in Step 4.
    You can name this NSF Check Charge, Bounced Check Charge, or other names you prefer.
    Ensure you pick a non-taxable Tax Code and select the appropriate expense account.

    QB NSF Check 3

  4. Go to Customers > Create Invoices, “Create Invoices” window will pop up. Using 2 (two) new Items that are created in Step 2 and Step 3, create a new invoice to reinvoice your customer:

    In the first line, choose “NSF Check” item from Step 2 and input the full (including tax) amount from your sirst invoice. Here, your first invoice is $112,- including tax.
    In the second line, choose “NSF Check Charge” item from Step 3 and input appropriate amount. Here, the amount is $25,- which was charged to you by your bank from Step 1.

    QB NSF Check 4


That’s it, your checking account will be reduced by the amount of NSF Check($112) and the NSF Charge ($25) as it should be, and your customer still owes you the original invoice amount plus the NSF Charge ($137).